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Morgan Dempsey Capital Management, LLC is an employee-owned SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Founded in 1994, we focus on style-specific investment strategies that meet the unique needs of institutional investors and high net worth individuals.

Small/Micro-Cap Value

Our award winning Small/Micro-Cap Value Strategy provides a truly unique approach to small company investing.

  • Consistent performance: Double-digit positive returns 7 of last 8 years
  • Capital protection: Declined less than half the drop of of our index in 2008, all while remaining fully invested (-13.6% vs. -28.9%)
  • Cumulative performance nearly double that of index with ~3/4ths the volatility
  • Focused, fundamental, bottom-up research in inefficient markets

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Dividend Income

Our portfolio of high yielding companies and partnerships with a history of consistently raising dividends attempts to produce both a rising income stream and competitive total returns for our clients. Our investment objectives include:

  • Provide high current income
  • Provide less volatility than the equity market
  • Provide the potential for capital appreciation and increasing income

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The Morgan Dempsey Mid-Cap strategy seeks long term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio of primarily mid-cap companies that have attractive business models and strong management teams. We believe that capable management teams can produce superior results over time when they are not constrained by weak balance sheets. We believe in investing in such companies at attractive valuations.

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Ranking data was obtained from Money Manager Review, Nelson Information, Informa/Effron PSN, Morningstar, Evestment Alliance and other consultants. These rankings are independently prepared, and we believe them to be objective and statistically valid. Other similar manager rankings may produce different result. Please see our Small/Micro-Cap Value performance report for detailed information on performance, risks and additional disclosures.

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